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The Book Series of the “Centre for European Modernism Studies” collects contributions from internationally acclaimed scholars on literary modernism. The main aim of the Series is, in fact, to tackle the principal questions in the contemporary critical debate such as periodization, limits and geographical boundaries, centres and peripheries, its major authors, modernist’s persistence in the 20th Century, modernism and realism, modernism and literary theory, modernism vs postmodernism. The Book Series is multidisciplinary and while it mainly gathers comparative literature projects, it is also open to studies on canonical modernist authors between 19th and 20th Century. It is indeed an academic platform, but with the aspiration to produce works able to dialogue with a broader audience. Literature is therefore the point of departure, the common denominator of a Book Series that tries to contaminate different disciplines such as film studies, visual arts, music, philosophy and popular culture.


Editorial Board

  • Massimiliano Tortora
  • Annalisa Volpone
Scientific Committee
  • Valentino Baldi 
  • Ruben Borg
  • Claire Davidson 
  • Ilaria Natali
  • Novella di Nunzio
  • Onno Kosters 
  • Rossella Riccobono 
  • Antonietta Sanna
  • Valeria Tocco


– Raffaele Donnarumma, Serena Grazzini, a cura di, La rete dei modernismi europei. Riviste letterarie e canone (1918-1940)


Forthcoming publications (2016-2017): 

– Valentino Baldi, “Come frantumi di mondi”. Infinito, emozione e realismo modernista in Carlo Emilio Gadda.
– Claire Davison e Anne Marie Di Blasio, eds. Trans-Woolf.
– Novella di Nunzio, Alle origini del modernismo europeo: il caso di Italo Svevo.
– Valeria Tocco, a cura di, Un trait d’union tra arti e culture.
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