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    from April 17th

Multilingual website

Dearest all,

I am pleased to inform you all that we are expanding our website. In the next weeks, you may encounter some availability problems from the frontend website side.


With the hope that this will not cause you problems.


Best regards,

Giacomo Pierini


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Benvenuti! Welcome! Bienvenus! Willkommen!

L'amministratore del portale web Giacomo Pierini, è orgoglioso di darvi il benvenuto nel nuovo portale del Centre for European Modernism Studies.


The administrator of this website Giacomo Pierini is proud to welcome you all in the new website of the Centre for European Modernism Studies.


L'administrateur de ce site Giacomo Pierini est orgueilleux de vous souhaiter la bienvenue dans le nouveau site du Centre for European Modernism Studies.


Der Portal Verwalter Giacomo Pierini ist stolz, Sie auf der neuen Webseite des "Centre for European Modernism Studies" herzlich willkommen zu heißen.

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